These are just a few of the items that I have recently made. In addition to the items shown here, I can make a wide variety of leather goods to suit your specific needs. As I like to say, "The K can do it!"

Leather necklace using a piece of genuine meteorite found in Northwest Africa.

Custom tooled badge case.

The owner of Topherspin Meteorites commissioned this custom leather cushion that was colored to match his sofa and incorporated his logo on the top.

Custom tooled sheath for a customer's custom knife.

Variation of my sheath for the Benchmade Bushcrafter knife that incorporated a snap strap for added retention.

A leather cover for the popular Field Notes notebook. These can be made in a variety of styles and colors, and can be personalized with your initials.

I recently made this rather large briefcase for a 17" laptop as well as the matching notepad cover.

Need a left-handed notepad folio cover? Not a problem!

A custom sheath for a customer looking for something unique.

A large biker style wallet made to the customer's exact specifications.

An awesome pocket holster set using genuine shark leather trim.

A law enforcement officer - and long-time customer - asked for a magazine pouch for his duty belt that incorporated loops for a couple of shotgun shells. It now sees daily use on the job.

Custom holster decorated with shark leather trim and a shiny concho.

A custom knife sheath for a loyal customer that utilized genuine rattlesnake leather and hand-laced edges.

Another custom knife sheath that had some hand-tooling per the customer's request.

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